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Ingrowing Toe Nails 

Ingrowing toenail pre surgery 
Week 3 post surgery 
Week 5 Fully healed 

Treatment is very effective 

Podiatric Rx across all clinical sites in Birmingham, Warwickshire and London provides treatment for ingrowing toe nails, this is the only nail care procedure offered in the clinic. 
This can be quite a painful condition to have and the approach for resolution is very effective. This involves the use of a local anaesthetic digit (toe) block. This allows us to remove a section of the nail of the offending side or all the nail plate if indicated.  
The healing time following the condition is relatively quick and people are back to both their work and sporting activities within a short space of time.  
Patients are able to self refer for this procedure and do not require a GP referral if you are self funding. 
If you have private health care then you would need to pre authorise your treatment with your health care provider quoting reference AA628 (this is the procedure code for nail surgery) or CCSD code S7010
If you are not sure whether your nail problem is a candidate for the procedure then please email directly so we can review an image of the toe to provide advice on the suitability for the treatment. 
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