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Injection Techniques 

Mark's clinical research historically has been in terms of injection techniques for chronic heel pain with a condition commonly known as plantar fasciitis. 

Foot Orthotics 

Also referred to as functional foot orthotics, inserts, arch supports and various other interchangeable terms. Essentially this relates to putting some type of material and design into a shoe to help reduce some of the physical forces going through the foot and ankle. 

Nail Surgery 

The Podiatric support within the Foot and Ankle Clinic also covers treatment for ingrowing toe nails. This can be quite a painful condition to have and the approach for resolution is very effective. This often involves the use of a local anaesthetic digit (toe) block. 


Footwear can play a fundamental role in terms of a successful patient outcome. Footwear provides an environment not just for the foot to function more appropriately but also often can provide the environment in which an orthotic can work to its maximum potential. 
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