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5 Most Important Things to Look for when buying Running Trainers. 
Running footwear is a multi billion pound industry and the choices available to the runner 
are mesmerising. The science behind the marketing campaigns can be hard to find but 
there are some features inherent to running footwear that need consideration when 
making your purchase of your shiny new trainers and this guide is aimed at making your 
final decision a little more specific to you. 
1-Main causes of foot pain in cyclists? 
The demands from cycling place a very different set of forces acting on a foot compared with 
land based activities such as running. 
The underlying foot structure and movement is still relevant in part and we will come back to 
that but there are two key factors that contribute to foot related symptoms. 
The debate around barefoot running this time around centred on a paper published in the Journal of Nature by Lieberman 2010 following an observational study on the variation in forces acting through the lower limb with differing foot strike patterns. 
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