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Sports Injuries 

Mark has extensive experience of dealing with multiple sports and continues to consult for individual athletes and teams at both national and international level. 
This experience gained in elite sport is carried into his assessment and management plans for athletes and sports people at all levels, bringing the key ingredients and pathways to successfully deal with lower limb, foot and ankle injury for people of all ages. 

Gait Analysis 

Gait analysis provides an objective insight into lower limb function and can involve the use of multiple technologies. 
Assessing movement patterns is key in understanding how injured structures are being used, or overused for both acute and chronic foot / ankle and lower limb symptoms. 

Non Sport related symptoms 

Podiatric Rx covers the whole spectrum of the rehabilitation following injury for foot and ankle injury, ankle instabilities and foot and ankle fractures. 
Mark also provides expert management of non sport related injuries and works closely with Orthopaedic, Physiotherapy and Sports Doctor colleagues. 
Key elements of the mechanical management tools used in the sports population are also relevant to the older adult in dealing with chronic knee, ankle and foot pain. 

Nail Surgery 

Podiatric Rx also covers treatment for ingrowing toe nails.  
This can be quite a painful condition to have and the approach for resolution is very effective.  
This involves the use of a local anaesthetic digit (toe) block. 

Foot & Ankle problems in Children 

Mark led a specific Paediatric clinic at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham and continues to work closely with Orthopaedic and Physiotherapy specialists in this area. 
Providing expert assessment and management for children specific conditions, and this service is available across all Mark’s units in Birmingham, Warwickshire and London. 

Foot Orthotics 

There is extensive support for appropriate mechanical input with the use of orthoses for a number of foot and ankle related problems.  
The orthotic design is aimed at reducing the degree of mechanical load going through structures that are either injured or being overused. 

Ankle Foot Orthotics 

Ankle foot orthotic (AFO) treatment is used for a wide range of conditions such as: 
Complex foot and ankle trauma 
Neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy / Charcot Marie Tooth / muscular dystrophies. 
Inflammatory joint disease 
Traumatic Brain Injury 
Spinal injury resulting in foot drop. 

Heel Pain 

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis) is the commonest condition seen in Podiatric clinical practice and it is one of the reasons why Mark chose to undertake his Masters thesis on specific injection techniques to deal with this problem area. 
There are multiple treatment pathways for this condition and this highlights the complexity of managing this condition.  

Running Clinic 

Running related injury is one of the commonest sports related presentations to Podiatric Rx
Runners will seek an expert opinion in regard to minimising injury risk or in dealing with a running related injury
There are key elements involved in the management of the injured runner and Mark’s approach to resolving injury starts with identifying contributory factors. 

Injection Options 

There are multiple injectables (solutions) that can be injected into a heel such as steroid, local anaesthetic, saline, platlet rich plasma (PRP) and these are aimed at either reducing tissue inflammation or increasing a physiological response into a tissue.  
An injection should be carefully considered and its administration again, be well delivered and combined with other key elements of mechanical management where possible. 

Medico legal Expert 

The clinical experience acquired whilst working within a trauma environment means that Mark is ideally placed to provide an expert opinion for foot and ankle trauma / injury. 
Mark is able to offer appointments at a number of practice locations around the Midlands, Warwickshire and London with the turnaround time for the medico - legal report fourteen days following the initial assessment and provision of associated documentation related to the specific case. 

Bespoke Footwear 

Footwear can play a fundamental role in terms of a successful patient outcome. 
There is an increasing number of people who require bespoke footwear to fit their foot shape and to optimise the effect of orthotic intervention. 
Mark has combined with expert & traditional shoemakers to deliver custom made footwear for the difficult foot  


Common Conditions seen in clinic 

Foot pain 

Plantar fasciitis / Heel Pain 
Foot fractures 
Foot stress fractures 
Mortons Neuroma 

Ankle Pain 

Achilles tendon issues 
Medial flexor pain 
Tibialis posterior tendinopathy 
Peroneal tendinopathy 
Calf injury 
Recurrent calf strain 

Knee Pain 

Patella femoral pain (kneecap pain) 
Degenerative knee joint. 
Patella tendon pain. 
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